Lilian & Soontian | London Engagement Photography

Here’s one way to celebrate your recent engagement: take several weeks off work and fly almost halfway around the globe to explore Europe. Amazing! Lilian and Soontian did just that. All the way from Singapore, their first stop was London where they wanted to capture pre-wedding photographs. Having never been here before, they had so much excitement for the city – and especially for Big Ben! It was so much fun spending time with these two. Their enthusiasm, charm and love for each other were so special and having the opportunity to photograph this unique spirit was the best!

Lilian Low-1Low Collage 1Low Collage 2Lilian Low-12Lilian Low-11Low Collage 3Lilian Low-9Lilian Low-14Low Collage 4Lilian Low-1-2Low Collage 5Lilian Low-23Lilian Low-21Lilian Low-30Low Collage 7Lilian Low-25Lilian Low-28Lilian Low-32Lilian Low-33Low Collage 6Lilian Low-34


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